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January 15th, 2013

Calling All NA/NB Miata Owners

PIC is always looking to expand our offerings to new platforms and markets, and one car in particular has been on our radar since day one but has nevertheless remained elusive.

The NA/NB generation Miatas are an ideal car to develop new PIC products for, products which will continue to deliver exceptional durability and performance for the everyday driver/racer. We are excited at the prospect of being able to release just such a product soon, but are actively seeking feedback and opinions from target users (if you're here and reading this, that is likely you).

Details are necessarily guarded at this point about what the product is and details on the roll-out, but PIC is looking to work with a select few individuals who are willing to commit a small amount of time and constructive criticism to the fine tuning process. Please contact us at sales@picperformance.com if you're interested.

Welcome Back, SpeedTrapp Consulting

After an unexplained absence, we welcome SpeedTrapp Consulting back to our website's list of Authorized Dealers. To clarify, STC had never been removed from our list of AD's, but their information disappeared from our website due to some technical error. Nevertheless, they are back now and can be found here along with all the other AD's as usual.

August 9th, 2012

PIC and Suja1 Visit Autobahn Country Club

We spent the day with the Suja1 team at Autobahn Country Club in Joliet. Here are a few photos.

Eddie S. giving joy rides.

Jeremy setting up for Turn 1, on PIC Select R3's.

Eddie took this opportunity to shake down his new Select R+ setup before revisiting Mid-Ohio the following weekend.

June 12th, 2012

Inventory Changes

There will be some major changes coming to the PIC lineup in the next few months, beginning with a trimming down of our product offerings. With a focus on satisfying the needs of our core customers while also simplifying the buying process, we've decided to only produce and stock two coilover setups moving forward - the Select P2's and the Select R3's for the most common 92-00 Civic Chassis and the 94-01 Integra chassis. The narrow-body and shortened-mount 88-91 Civic and 90-93 Integra will no longer be offered, and neither will any of the fixed-damping Apex coilovers. Note, the JDM-type (and USDM ITR) rear lower mounts will still be available for those with eyelet-style rear lower control arms.

This is a major departure from our history of providing a setup for almost any type of performance usage, but a desire to focus on new products and ensure that we're constantly improving our existing products necessitated a narrowing down of the product line. Changes to the website and inventory levels will soon reflect the new product offerings.
April 16th, 2012

Inventory Update

Our next batch of Honda Coilovers and Lower Control Arms are going into production and should be in stock and ready to ship by the end of May/early June. Note that 96-00 Civic LCA's, all PIC/Suja 1 Motoring Bushing Kits, and a limited number of Select Coilovers remain in stock. Contact us or your local Authorized Dealer to confirm availability.

Congratulations to Egidijus Sadauskas - NASA Great Lakes @ Mid Ohio - April 14th and 15th

Egidijus (Eddie) Sadauskas gets his 2012 NASA Great Lakes season off to a start with not only a 1st place finish in this past Sunday's Honda Challenge race, but also some of the fastest lap times posted in his Lightning run group on both days.
(Image courtesy of NASA Great Lakes)

This photo is not of this past weekend, that is not Mid-Ohio, and the car is now probably much dirtier but has many more Winner stickers on it. But that is Egidijus, and that is his #70 H2 car, campaigned with great support this season by Suja 1 Motoring and on PIC Select R3's. We're all looking forward to a season full of more wins and fun racing. But mostly wins. And probably lots of beer.

March 12th, 2012

Contacting PIC - March through April

We have been travelling and will continue to be on the road through all of March, and into early April. Our voice mail has filled up and the best way to contact us is via email - Sales@PICPerformance.com. Orders are being processed with the least amount of disruption possible but there may be some small delays.

92-95 Civic / 94-01 Integra LCA's

As you may have noticed or been told, we are completely out of stock on the LCA's for these applications. When the ETA of the replacement stock is confirmed, we'll update it here on the site. All replacement stock will be in the brushed aluminum finish of the last batch of LCA's, and we'll no longer be manufacturing the crinkle-gold finish LCA's. We remain fully stocked on the 96-00 Civic LCA's.

February 12th, 2012

PIC Performance - Yes, We Are Open

To the contrary of one strange and unfounded rumor that has been making the rounds recently, PIC Performance is indeed still in business, still supporting our products, warranties, and our Authorized Dealers. If a particular vendor advertises that they carry PIC products and you do not see their name on our page of Authorized Dealers, there is a chance that we're simply in the process of having them added, so call us directly with any doubts.

Or, they may just be a deadbeat vendor who owes PIC money and has been cut-off pending collectin of past dues. Which is more likely the case with the source of this nasty, but untrue, rumor.

February 19th, 2011

US Authorized Dealers

PIC's principles in selecting Authorized Dealers has not changed since we added our first - we seek partners who share our commitment to the sport and to the customer, our dedication to providing quality components and service, and our levels of professionalism and knowledge when it comes to our area's of expertise. Over the years, we've met many such partners but this is a difficult industry and unfortunately not all who we partner with can remain without compromising some of those principles.

To ensure that our customers are consistently being treated with the highest degree of professional service and fairness, we occasionally must review our Authorized Dealers and evaluate their suitability to remain a partner of ours. In the recent review, we've eliminated some AD's who no longer fit the criteria. Those who remain are companies who are companies that have been and continue to be truly dedicated to supporting the sport and their customers, who consistently provide not only top notch products, but also expert education and consultation. Those Authorized Dealers can always be found here: Authorized Dealers.
September 26, 2010

Authorized Dealer - Xenocron Tuning Solutions - Hillburn, NY

Chris Harris, of Xenocron Tuning in Hillburn, NY has been a long-time partner of PIC Performance and we are happy to welcome them as part of our Authorized Dealer Team. In addition to various ECU chipping services, Xenocron Tuning Solutions also does custom tunes and can be your source for performance parts to complete your drag/performance build.
May 16t, 2010

Purchases Made Through Unauthorized Dealers

Recently we've come across some cases of customers making purchases of PIC Performance products from unauthorized vendors, including various part websites. Please note that if you choose to purchase PIC Performance products from a vendor that is NOT listed on our page of Authorized Dealers, found here, then you do so at your own risk. This includes voiding of any warranty through PIC Performance for future claims, lack of manufacturer support, and delays/cancellation of order fulfillment. PIC Performance supports and partners with those in the community who share our ideals not only on business ethics, but also performance modification and the sport itself, and that is reflected in our list of Authorized Dealers.

We would also like to take this opportunity to allow those vendors who's business and information do not show up on our list of Authorized Dealers but feel they should to contact us directly to resolve this.
May 1st, 2010

Public Service Announcement - The Sales@PICPerformance.com email address has been temporarily disabled while we address some email issues. In the meantime, please contact Info@PICPerformance.com, as that email address will be constantly monitored. Thanks - PIC Performance team.

Coilover Inventory Re-stocked

PIC's inventory has finally been replenished, and thanks to those customers and partners of ours who have patiently waited for new stock to arrive. Our Honda Coilovers are now available again in most popular sprnig rate combinations, as both Apex's and Selects. Keen-eyed customers will notice that we've reduced our selection of spring rates a bit, and this is a result of the analysis of several years of data to spot both performance trending and market preferences. Our coilover line-up has been streamlined to focus on key performance and usability needs, while still providing solutions to as many enthusiasts as possible.

January 10th, 2010

Back in Stock - Standard and RR LCA's

PIC's Standard Hard Rubber LCA's are back in stock for both the 88-00 Civics and 94-01 Integras. For those who have been holding off an LCA upgrade for fear of low quality bushings and inconsistent levels of material, the wait is over. As always, PIC's LCA's feature our own take on the hard rubber formula - longer lasting and better performing when paired with other high-performance suspension components like stiffer springs and sticker tires, but with no noticeable compromise in ride quality when compared to OEM hard rubber.

In addition, our Race Ready LCA's are back in stock for the 88-95 Civics and 94-01 Integras. Featuring a striking new look but maintaing the same dimensions as stock, the RR LCA's will again sport PIC's in-house designed spherical bearings in the inboard and outboard locations, and polyurethane at the shock mount.
June 27th , 2009

Re-stocking - Update

As many have noticed, PIC has been running low on products for several weeks now as we continue to cut back on inventory and consolidate our offerings. The good news is that our next batch of coilovers has finished production, have been shipped out from our factory and is now on the way over to our location here in Illinois. Estimated arrival is the end of next week 7/3, whereby we will give them a final inspection and then refresh our inventory.

As with last time, those that have shipments on backorder will have their orders filled first.
March 30th, 2009

New Authorized Dealer - B&E Auto Repair

PIC is proud to announce our first Authorized Dealer in the NY/NJ/CT area, B&E Auto Repair!

Direct from our AD:
"B&E Auto Repair is a full service auto repair and maintenance service center offering aftermarket performance and accessory installations. Unlike most automotive service centers, we differ by using only top quality parts to ensure the vehicles we work on will have the best performance. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority."

B&E will carry PIC's entire offering of performance suspension upgrades, and as with all PIC Authorized Dealers, they will be 100% backed by PIC in terms of customer and product support. Customers can be confident that, as a PIC AD, B&E is knowledgeable in both suspension maintenance and performance, and can be their one-stop shop for suspension performance upgrades.

February 16th, 2009

ITR Expo 9

The long wait for this year's Integra Type-R Expo is almost over, as registration has opened and the dates have been announced as May 18th and 19th. This year's Expo will be right in our own back yard, Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, IL.

As with ITR Expos in the past, PIC will be a supporting sponsor again this year, offering an on-track classroom seminar on suspension basics and tuning, as well as raffling off a set of Select coilovers and other prizes. In addition, we will be running a sale on all products!

10% Off Everything on PICPerformance.com!

From now through midnight (CST) May 17th, all products on our website will be discounted 10%! Whether you're building/freshening up your suspension for Expo 9, or just for the upcoming race season, now is the time to start gathering your suspension upgrades. In addition to our coilovers, check out our PIC / Suja1 Hard Rubber Bushing Kits and Final Drives to complete your street or track setup.

January 1st, 2009

Happy New Year!

PIC Performance would like to thank all those who supported us and helped us grow through 2008, and wishes everyone the best for the upcoming year.

Obviously, the End of Season 2008 Sale is over, but considering the great popularity of our recently introduced Hard Rubber Bushing (HRB) kit, we've decided to extend the sale of this item for a bit longer.

The discount on the PIC Final Drive Sets has also been extended and will run until supplies run out.

Coinciding with our discounted HRB kits is the sale on our Honda Rear Lower Control Arm (LCA) sets for the 1992-2000 Civics and 1994-2001 Integras.

November 23rd, 2008

PIC Performance "End of Season 2008 Sale"

Announcing PIC Performance's "End of Season 2008 Sale", going on now and only through www.PICPerformance.com!

October 21st:
-Final Drive prices reduced $75
-90-93 Acura Integra / 88-91 Honda Civic prices reduced $45
-PIC / Suja1 Hard Rubber Bushing sets added

November 23rd:
-90-93 Acura Integra / 88-91 Honda Civic Apex and Select Coilover prices reduced $150
-PIC / Suja1 Hard Rubber Bushing set prices reduced $25

From now through the end of the year, PIC will be offering great deals on select PIC suspension components, beginning with our extremely successful and racer-praised Select and Apex line of coilovers for the Hondas and Acuras, as well as our precision-made, built-to-race Final Drives. Also, debuting this month are PIC's highly anticipated Hard Rubber Bushing sets, which are in short supply and high demand! So get a jump start on your off-season project by taking advantage of our "End of Season 2008 Sale" today!

All Final Drive prices have been reduced by $75!

Have a project EF that you're building over the winter? Got a DA being prepped for Time Attack? Or maybe your double-duty CRX just needs a suspension freshening up? Good news! All 90-93 Acura Integra and 88-91 Honda Civic/CRX coilovers are on sale, with prices reduced $150 per set! These chassis-specific setups feature PIC Extended Front Upper Mounts / Shortened Lower Mounts, which due to the tighter space constraints in the front suspension of this generation of Civic and Integra, were designed to allow more effective lowering of the car without sacrificing available suspension travel.

Last but not least, get your PIC Hard Rubber Bushing sets while they last! These complete sets make bushing replacements a no-brainer, because every suspension bushing is in the set, including the popular Rear Trailing Arm bushing and Front Compliance bushing. Now is the perfect time to get rid of this old, cracked, slop-inducing bushings and replace them with performance-oriented hard rubber bushings designed to work more effectively with your other upgraded suspension components. Prices now reduced $25 / set, to $225!

This listing will be updated periodically as supplies run out and new deals are added, so check back often and see if the suspension piece(s) on your wish list come up for sale!

October 5th, 2008

Product Release - PIC / Suja One Motoring Hard Rubber Bushing Kits

We are proud to announce the release of our Hard Rubber Bushing Kit, designed and produced in conjunction with Authorized Dealer Suja One Motoring. These hard rubber bushing kits are a direct replacement for OEM bushings, fitting into stock locations and using stock dimensions.

This rubber compound was designed specifically to withstand the increased loads found in cars modified for more grip, more power, and generally suited for more performance use. With a durometer rating of 85A, they offer a reduction in deflection over OEM bushings, while not being overly harsh for a street car, making them a great substitute for your old, worn out bushings when the times comes to change/upgrade.

Complete kits are available for 88-00 Civics, and 90-01 Integras. For more product details, click here or contact Suja One Motoring.

August 28th, 2008

New Logo - Power In Control

You may have noticed a new logo at the top left corner of our page. This new logo represents PIC's growth and development over the last 4 years - a maturing and focusing of our company and product line.

A big "Thank You" to Dan Beeson of Beeson Design for creating the new look for us, and to our Customers, Authorized Dealers and supporters for providing direction and continuing our growth.

August 18th, 2008

New Authorized Dealer: 360 Imports

PIC Performance is proud to announce 360 Imports as our the newest addition to our Authorized Dealer network! On top of their focus on suspension work, 360 Imports is also an important part of our team because they are one of PIC's few partners out on the west coast, located in Vancouver, WA. So for anyone looking for a local PIC Authorized Dealer in the Pacific Northwest, you can now turn to 360 Imports.

While still a relatively new AD, 360 Imports is supported 100% by PIC Performance as a representative of our name and our products. Owner Evan Herling has demonstrated the technical know-how and integrity required to represent PIC, and customers can feel confident going to him and his company for their suspension needs.

Visit the 360 Imports website at www.360imports.net. And as always, you can find a PIC Authorized Dealer near you here.

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