pic / suja1 hard rubber bushing kits

revitalize your old, worn out bushings

Sometimes, the single most dramatic change you can make to your car's handling is through replacing old, torn and broken down bushings.  When rubber bushings dry out and crack, they allow extra and undesirable movement in the suspension linkages, causing unpredictable handling and suspension noise.  Developed in conjunction with Suja1 Motoring, PIC's Hard Rubber Bushing Kit tightens up handling and improves feel and feedback using our proprietary rubber compound, while mimicking OEM dimensions for ease of installation.

  • hardness rating 20-25% harder than stock, for increased durability when paired with upgraded suspension components

  • allows full range of motion with no binding while being low maintenance, unlike polyurethane and spherical bearings

  • replaces all control arm bushings , no need to piece together from oem parts.

  • available for 88-00 civics and 94-01 integras, including model-specific sets such as civic si/si-r

PIC / Suja1 HRB Kit
PIC / Suja1 HRB Kit
PIC / Suja1 HRB Kit
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