PIC US Armed Forces Discount

September 17, 2015


Reminder: PIC Performance offers those who serve in the US Armed Forces a discount on our parts and products. This also applies to Reserve, National Guard and those who have retired from service.


It shouldn't take one day out of the year for us to continually recognize, celebrate and pay tribute to those who serve and have served this great country. PIC's on-going military discount is our small way of recognizing the commitment that these folks have made, and saying "Thank you". If you're purchasing or planning on purchasing from PIC, please let us know your involvement in the US Armed Forces.


It goes without saying that, but we're work on the honor system.  While we may not be able to verify your actual service history, you'd have to be some special kind of *sshole to falsify participation in the Armed Forces, so please don't lie about it.  

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