Coming to Grips with the Select R3

October 4, 2015

What is it?
The PIC Select is a family of coilover systems designed, developed and manufactured by PIC Performance featuring steel bodies, aluminum hardware, cold-wound steel springs and 16 levels of rebound adjustment via a patent-pending needle valve design.  The R3's are one of two models currently offered in the PIC Select family, with springs rates of 12kg/mm (672lbs/in) front and 14kg/mm (784lbs/in) rear.   Currently, PIC Selects are offered for 4th - 6th generation Honda Civics, and 3rd generation Acura Integras. 


What Is It Designed For?
All PIC products are designed primarily with high-performance use in mind, and with longevity and reliability as top priorities.  The Select R3's differ from the Select P2's (as profiled in a previous blog post) in that they make very few concessions for ride quality in terms of spring rates and damping.  The R3's are meant to compliment a high level of mechanical grip and aerodynamic grip, where roll-cages, racing slicks, track pads and effective aero will be transmitting much more forces through the chassis (and therefore the springs and dampers) under acceleration, braking and turning.  The high spring rates and firm rebound damping mitigate the roll, pitch and heave as track cars are able to generate these forces to much higher degrees than a street car.


Why Is It Different Than Other Products On the Market?

In order to ensure longevity and reliability but recognizing the budget limitations of most grassroots racers and enthusiasts, PIC utilizes top-line components for use in our Select coilover systems.  

  • Ohlins shock oil:  Top-spec quality oil resists cavitation (the oil's tendency to develop air bubbles and reduce its effectiveness) 

  • Viton seals:  well designed seals are highly resistant to heat and abrasion thereby preventing leaks

  • Japanese cold-wound and pre-treated steel:  cold-winding maintains the steel's structural strength, reducing fatigue and sag over time

  • 6061-grade aluminum:  Chosen for not only its strength but its flexibility, and tendency to bend and not fracture and break under catastrophic situations

What Sort of Performance and Ride Quality Can I Expect After Installing This On My Car?

The Select R3's are not recommended for street use, as the high spring rates and rear spring rate bias create a suspension frequency that is uncomfortable for most people.  Rear spring rates will impact ride quality to a larger degree than the front rates, especially due to the relatively light rear end of these Honda chassis.  On rippled highways or over expansion joints, drivers will feel the rapid up/down oscillation often associated with stiff springs.  At low speeds, the car's will certainly roll less when turning and will feel much more responsive as compared to the stock suspension.

The Select R3's will shine at the race track, especially for road race cars.  Drivers  wil find significantly reduced dive under braking, the ability to rotate the car more easily through corners, and the ability to get back on the throttle much earlier on corner exit as compared to stock and other less focused setups.  This is magnified when the car is paired with stickier tires and brakes, and a balanced front splitter/rear wing setup.  Our dampers feature relatively low compression damping across the range of piston speeds, and a high amount of high speed damping to control the high spring rates, so the Selects are not as well suited to aggressive use of curbing as more lightly-sprung setups.


How Much Does It Cost?

PIC Select R3's retail for $1200, and we encourage customers to reach out to our Authorized Dealers for installation and tuning assistance, as well as potential deals.  


Where Can I Find This Product?

PIC products can be found in our PIC Online Store, and at any of our Authorized Dealers.

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