PIC / Suja1 Hard Rubber Bushing Kits

November 12, 2015


What is it?
The PIC / Suja1 Hard Rubber Bushing Kit is a package of suspension bushings developed in conjunction with Suja1 Motoring and manufactured by PIC Performance.  The HRB Kits are designed around OEM dimensions, with chassis-specific kits for North American variations of the Honda Civic and Acura Integra.  


What Is It Designed For?
As a car ages, the bushings and mounts that are designed to allow for suspension articulation and absorb NVH are among the first parts to wear out.  When these bushings and mounts wear, the impact on ride quality and performance are immediately recognizeable as increased handling slop, inability to hold alignment settings, various noises coming from the suspension and in severe cases unpredictable  and potentially dangerous at-the-limit handling.  The PIC / Suja1 HRB Kits are designed to completely replace all key suspension bushings in the 88-00 Civic and 94-01 Integras as direct press-in pieces.  Because all bushings utilize OEM dimensions, they press right into the cars' factory arms with an OEM fit.  And because PIC and Suja1 place an emphasis not only on quality and consistency but also on performance, we know that our customers would be using these in conjunction with other performance-oriented parts, such PIC Select Coilovers, high performance tires and brakes.  As the car's mechanical grip is increased and more forces are put through the car's chassis, we designed these bushings to be approximately 15-20% stiffer than OEM bushings (depending on location) in order to better cope with and stand up to the increased forces generated by stickier tires and stiffer springs.  


Why Is It Different Than Other Products On the Market?

A harder rubber compound is only the first (and arguably easiest) step in making a performance bushing.  To stand up to multiple seasons of street and race-use, the bushings had to be designed to resist cracking, separation, and corrosion.  Replacing suspension bushings is a labor and time-intensive job, and nobody wants to do it more than necessary so the PIC / Suja1 HRB Kits are designed with longevity in mind as well.  

  • PIC-spec hard rubber compound was developed exclusively for PIC with materials sourced from top-quality companies (including Dupont and 3M)

  • Multi-step molding, bonding and cooling process ensures that the rubber and steel outer shells bond properly and resist separation

  • Allows for the full range of suspension articulation as intended by Honda from the factory, which sometimes is not the case with improperly designed Poly-urethane Bushings or Spherical Bearings.

  • Minimal maintenance required, as opposed to Poly-urethane (greasing) and Spherical Bearings (accelerated wear)

  • Chassis and model-specific kits ensure maximum compatibility, minimal waste:

    • 94-01 Acura Integra:  All models covered (Type-R does not use rear lower shock mount bushing)

    • 92-95 and 96-00 Honda Civic:  Includes Si (Canadian Si-R) and Non-Si models, to account for Si-specific bushings

    • 88-91 Civic:  All models covered

What Sort of Performance and Ride Quality Can I Expect After Installing This On My Car?

Depending on the condition of the bushings being replaced, drivers may notice significant improvements in both handling and ride comfort.  Sometimes, changing out worn out bushings for brand new (even OEM) bushings will result in a completely different-feeling car.  Ride quality during normal street use will feel no different than OEM bushings.  On the track, drivers may notice improved responsiveness, enhanced front-end feedback and more predictable handling as compared to worn-out bushings after installing the PIC / Suja1 HRB kit on their racecars.


How Much Does It Cost?

PIC / Suja1 Hard Rubber Bushing Kits retail for $250.  These, and OEM-replacement bushing kits in general, are not intended to be installed by individuals with basic tools only and we suggest bringing these and your car to a capable shop for installation to minimize error and damage. 


Where Can I Find This Product?

PIC products can be found in our PIC Online Store, and at any of our Authorized Dealers.

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