PIC Rear Lower Control Arms

November 19, 2015












What is it?
PIC Rear Lower Control Arms are designed as bolt-in replacement arms for the 96-00 Honda Civic.  These are manufactured by PIC to the same dimensions as stock, so track width is maintained but because they are also fitted with PIC / Suja1 Hard Rubber Bushings, these arms provide better suspension placement and improved longevity when paired with other high performance suspension components (such as PIC Select Coilovers).  PIC LCA's are available as Standard (hard rubber bushings) and Race Ready (spherical bearings and poly-urethane).


What Is It Designed For?
As most who have worked on their own cars have found, it's quite easy for bolts to become seized inside the bushings over time, especially for cars that live in the Snow Belt region and are exposed to salt, snow and lots of moisure.  On the 96-00 Honda, sometimes performing suspension work means cutting/sawing/otherwise damaging the stock arms beyond repair, necessating a complete replacement.  That is where the PIC Standard LCA's come in, given their direct bolt-in nature, low cost and longevity of the PIC / Suja1 Hard Rubber Bushings included in the arms.  Additionally, the swaybar mounting points allow for models that did not come from the factory with swaybars to mount an OEM or aftermarket bar, further improving handling.   PIC Race Ready LCA's, due to being equipped with spherical bearings and polyretuane in place of the hard rubber bushings, are designed for track and provide even more precise placement of the rear suspension and minimizes slop.


Why Is It Different Than Other Products On the Market?

Replacement LCA's are common, and differences in key areas are impossbile to spot with the naked eye.  The most important aspects of an aftermarket rear LCA is not only fit and finish, but functoin and longevity.  That is where PIC differentiates our LCA's from others on the market.

  • The Standard version comes with PIC-spec hard rubber compound was developed exclusively for PIC with materials sourced from top-quality companies (including Dupont and 3M).  A multi-step molding, bonding and cooling process ensures that the rubber and steel outer shells bond properly and resist separation

  • Available with Spherical Bearings for the inboard/outboard bushings and Polyurethane for the shock mount bushings, the Race-Ready version of these LCA's are one of the best bang-for-the-back locations improve transient response.  The spherical bearings allow precise suspension location of the rear tires without limiting movement, while the polyurethane shock mount bushing minimize slop by removing the flex found in rubber bushings.

What Sort of Performance and Ride Quality Can I Expect After Installing This On My Car?

As the rear suspension contributes significantly to the ride quality of these cars, the condition of the arms/bushings being replaced will determine how much of a change you will feel.  As with our complete Hard Rubber Bushing Kits, drivers may notice significant improvements in both handling and ride comfort after swapping in Standard LCA's.  On the track, any improvements in performance with the Standard LCA's over OEM will be negligible.  
With the Race-Ready LCA's, ride quality will be noticeably firmer on the road , as there is no rubber to absorb shocks transmitted through the LCA's.  On the track, Race-Ready LCA's will deliver markedly improved performance over hard rubber and full poly-urethane kits due to the spherical bearings. Rear stability under hard breaking and cornering will be improved.


How Much Does It Cost?

PIC Standard Rear Lower Control Arms are $100 per pair.  The Race-Ready versions are a $50 option.  


Where Can I Find This Product?

PIC products can be found in our PIC Online Store, and at any of our Authorized Dealers.

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