Dedicated Drag Coilovers

October 11, 2016

Because at some point, this thought, however briefly, has crossed your mind.


And then you realized "That is ridiculous.  But how do I reduce squat on my Drag Civic/Del Sol/Integra, without breaking the bank?  And is it 1989 again?  Why is Vladimir Putin checking out my drag car?"


Answer (to at least one of those questions):  PIC's dedicated drag race coilovers, the Select D1's.  Just like our other Select coilovers, these are a complete replacement matched spring and shock combo for the 88-00 Civic/Del Sol and 94-01 Integra, with 16 levels of rebound adjustment and separate height and preload adjustments.  


The key difference is that the D1's are a pair of rear coilovers only, with 18kg/mm spring rates (1000lbs/in) and significantly increased compression and rebound damping to aid in reducing rearward load transfer during hard launches, and make sure as much traction remains at the front tires as possible.  


Special introductory pricing of $500.00 / set means you can spend the rest of your budget on tires, Starter jackets and those sweet Z Cavaricci's you've been eyeing at the mall.  




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