PIC Spherical Bearings

at 100mph, sloppiness is not an option

For track cars, minimizing handling slop and improving transient response is paramount. Standard rubber and metal bushings are great for absorbing road impacts and minimizing ride harshness, but are not ideal for handling performance. That is where PIC Spherical Bearings come in. These bearings replace the rubber bushings in the Rear Lower Control Arms on all 88-00 Honda Civics and 94-01 Acura Integras, maintaining the original range of motion but with zero deflection, resulting in sharper handling, improved feedback and more predictable rear-end feel.

  • Matches OEM dimensions where applicable.

  • More accurately locates rear suspension, resulting in more immediate handling response

  • Spherical bearings come with dust boots to improve longevity

PIC Select 88-91 Honda Civic Rear Lower Mount Detail
PIC Select 88-91 Honda Civic Front Upper Mount Detail
PIC Select 88-91 Honda Civic Front Lower Mount Detail
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